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Reviving the refined and gallant culture of yesteryear through historical dance

Want to have a lively evening, meet some new folks, and even get a bit of fun exercise? Then come join us at Grace Baptist Church in Taylors, SC every month! All who wish to learn this historical style of dancing are welcome.
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What is English Country Dance?
You could say that English Country Dance (ECD) is the forerunner of War Between the States dancing, square dancing, and contra dancing. This form of folk dance was first documented in the 16th century, but remains popular to this day. For more information on ECD history, check out our History page.

English Country Dance was and is a very social form of dance. Rather than focusing on couples, it focuses on mingling entire groups of people - a social mixer. This is what you will find at Grace Baptist. Young and old alike can enjoy this activity.

Don't know how to dance?
You don't need to know how to do English Country Dance to participate. From the very first dance, all movements are explained each time. Throughout the music, the dance mistress will "call" the movements so that even brand-new beginners can enjoy each dance. All levels of dancers enjoy ECD together.

However, to make it easier for beginners to make the most of their evening, the first hour will be directed at extra explanations and easier dances. If you have always wanted to learn ECD, this is just for you. As the evening progresses, we will introduce more intricate dances, but all are still welcome to remain and participate. With the dance mistress helping us, everyone will enjoy the entire evening.

Refreshment breaks are taken during the evening and anyone is certainly welcome to sit out any dance if they are tired or just a little reticent about a particular dance. We are quite flexible in this regard.

Don't have a partner?
It doesn't matter. Many attend who come without a partner. We always have folks who will include you. Remember, ECD is a social mixer. So, if you don't have someone to come with, come on anyway. The focus of ECD is group dancing.

What to wear
Modest, comfortable clothing is perfect. We are an informal group, so please dress casually unless we specifically announce a formal occasion. Flat shoes that stay on your feet are best (no flip flops or high heels).

Children who want to learn to dance are welcome. Please keep young children under control at all times (especially around the sound equipment and the food). Children must be able to quietly sit out advanced dances.

Admission of $5 per person/$20 per family maximum.

Please bring
Please bring a simple plate of finger-food to share at refreshment time. Part of the enjoyment of ECD is getting to know new people and sharing refreshments adds to the enjoyment. Drink will be provided.

Grace Baptist Church in Taylors, 5020 Old Spartanburg Road. The dance will be held in Fellowship Hall which is in the basement of the Education Building toward the back of the complex. Use the sidewalk on the left of the Education Building. For the easiest entrance access, (when facing the church) park on the left side of the church. Look for our directional signs. Please join us!

We'd love to have you join us!
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